72 x 15.5 Fertscreen Screener
The S72 FS is a special order bucket that suits skid steers 3 to 6 tons and has a max volume of 2.16m³/2.83yd³.
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Product Specifications

Deck Size
72 x 15.5
Size In
Size Out
Working Size
Transport Size
44″ X 81″ X 59″
Operating Weight
1036 lbs
Max Ton per Hour
Engine Type
Engine Horsepower
Fuel Tank Size
15.4 US gal
Feeder Conveyor (width)
Screen Box Size
72 x 15.5
Number of Decks
Side Conveyor (midsize width)
Side Conveyor (finesize width)
Tail Conveyor (oversize width)

Flip Screen

A Flipscreen screening bucket is limitless in terms of material. From Corrosive materials to topsoil and scrap metals, to digging fresh ground and working underwater. If you can scoop it, you can screen it!